Thursday, April 19, 2012

19 April 1925 - Colo-Colo Heats Up In Chile

On 19 April 1925, a group of former Magallanes players formed a new club. Named Colo-Colo, it has since become Chile's most successful club, with a record 29 Primera Division titles.

The splinter group, led by Chilean international striker David Arellano (pictured), left Magallanes after failing to persuade their former club to take professional status. The chose the name of a famous chief from the local Mapuche tribe, who is also represented on the club's badge.

They won their first regional title in their first season, then won two more in 1928 and 1929. Unfortunately, David Arellano did not see the latter two, as he sustained an injury during a 1927 friendly against Spanish club Real Valladolid. He contracted peritonitis and died the following day. In his memory, Colo-Colo added a black line over the badge.

Chile established the Primera Division in 1932 and Colo-Colo won it for their first time in 1937. Since then, they've won it a record total of 29 times, almost double the next-highest tally (Universidad de Chile have the second most with 15).

Colo-Colo have also enjoyed success on the international stage, winning the Copa Libertadores and Copa Interamericana in 1991, as well as the 1992 Recopa Sudamericana.

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