Wednesday, October 23, 2013

23 October 1930 - The Final Is Finally Final

On 23 October 1930, Fall River won the Lewis Cup, beating Hakoah in the second leg of the final almost five months after the first leg.

Led by their stars Billy Gonsalves and Bert Patenaude (pictured), Fall River reached the two-legged final of the Lewis Cup, the ASL's league cup, earlier that year and beat Hakoah 2-1 in the first leg on 27 May at the Polo Grounds in New York. The second leg was originally scheduled for the next day, but was rained out. Additional postponements followed and the final was pushed out to October.

In the meantime, the Marksmen won that year's National Challenge Cup, the predecessor to the current US Open Cup, and were on their way to a dominant ASL title run that would give them a triple on the season. Additionally, both Gonsalves and Patenaude played for the US national team at that summer's World Cup in Uruguay where they took third place.

When the eventually returned to the Polo Grounds for the Lewis Cup's second leg, Gonsalves led a Fall River rout, scoring twice as the Marksmen won 3-0 (Arnie Oliver provided the other goal). It was the team's seventh and final Lewis Cup trophy, though they did win the National Challenge Cup in 1931 before folding later that year.

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