Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1 January 1923 - Mexico Makes Its Move

On 1 January 1923, Mexico played their first game, beating Guatemala away 2-3.

The match was the first of a six-game series between the two countries, organized by Mexico's ambassador to Guatemala, Juan de Dios Bojórquez. Because Mexico did not have an official team at the time (the Mexican Football Federation would not be founded for another four years), Club América, whose roster consisted exlcusively of Mexican nationals, filled the role. Unlike the visitors, the home team, established two years earlier, was a collection of players from different clubs, putting its roster together from the best available footballers in Guatemala City.

When they met at the Estadio Marte, the Mexican players' chemistry won out. They took a 2-0 lead into the break with goals from Jose Diaz Izquierdo (25') and Horacio Ortiz (40') before Fernando Minondo (65') pulled one back for the hosts. But that was a close as Guatemala would get, as the teams exchanged late goals from Adeodato Lopez (70') and Constantin Kinhie (72') to set the final margin at 2-3 for the visitors.

The teams split the next two matches in Guatemala, then met again in Mexico City in December 1923 for the other three, with Mexico winning two and drawing the final one.

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