Wednesday, December 11, 2013

11 December 1911 - Football Comes To Cuba

On 11 December 1911, Cuba had its first organized football match, with Rovers AC beating SC Hatuey 1-0.

The sport had been played prior to that informally, introduced by the British in the early 1900s. In 1907, a group of players in Havana formed the country's first club, Sport Club Hatuey. Then, in 1909, a group of British citizens in Havana established Rovers Athletic Club. The two teams finally met at the Campo de Palatino in 1911, where Rovers' Jack Orrs scored the only goal of the match.

Rovers went on to win the first Cuban league title in 1912, while Hatuey won it in 1913. Another title for Rovers in 1914 was the last for either club. Since then, FC Villa Clara have emerged as the country dominant club with a total of thirteen league titles, including the last three straight.

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