Friday, May 8, 2009

8 May 1999 - Carlisle Partied Like It Was ... Well ... 1999

On 8 May 1999, Carlisle United goalkeeper Jimmy Glass scored one of the club's most important goals.

It was the last match of the season in the Third Division, the bottom tier of English League football, and Carlisle needed a win at home against Plymouth Argyle to avoid relegation out of the League.

The match was tied 1-1 with 10 seconds left when Carlisle earned a corner. Glass, who had just recently arrived on loan from Swindon and was playing in only his third match for Carlisle, rushed forward into the Plymouth penalty area, leaving no one on Carlisle's side of the pitch. The corner was knocked away by the Plymouth keeper, but fell straight to Glass, who volleyed it into the bottom corner, claiming the win at the death. The Carlisle supporters invaded the pitch in celebration.

Carlisle and Swindon were unable to come to terms regarding a possible transfer, so Glass returned to Swindon at season's end. He never played again for Carlisle, but remains a club legend for his goal on that day.

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