Sunday, April 21, 2013

21 April 1905 - They Could Probably Drop The "Juniors" By Now

On 21 April 1905, Boca Juniors played their first match, beating Mariano Moreno in a friendly, 4-0.

The club had formed earlier that month, founded by a group of Italian immigrants in the Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires. The met at the home of one of the founders, Esteban Baglietto, until the discussions grew so heated, particularly over the color of the new club's kit, that his mother asked them to leave. They eventually chose to play in pink shirts, though they did not use them long before changing to vertical black and white stripes and, eventually, the familiar blue with a horizontal yellow stripe that they use at present.

For their first match, they hosted a friendly against Mariano Moreno and won 4-0, with captain Juan Farenga scoring the club's first goal.

Three years later, they joined the league in the Second Division, then reached the First Division in 1913, Since then, they've grown into one of Argentina's most successful clubs, winning 30 league titles, six Copa Libertadores, and three Intercontinental Cups.

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