Wednesday, September 23, 2015

23 September 2009 - It Truly Is A Game Of Inches

On 23 September 2009, IFK Göteborg goalkeeper Kim Christensen got caught trying to gain an unfair advantage in a league match against Örebro SK - by moving the goalposts a few inches closer together.

Christensen, who had started his career in his native Denmark with Rosenhøj (1997-2002), played for Danish clubs Hvidovre IF (2002-03), Nykøbing Falster Alliancen (2003-04), and FC Nordsjælland (2004-08) before moving to Göteborg in 2008. He was their starting keeper for the entire 2008 Allsvenskan season, including a string of 6 consecutive clean sheets as Göteborg finished third in the table.

He got off to a similarly impressive start in 2009, with 13 clean sheets in their first 23 matches as Göteborg topped the table. Their 24th match was away against Örebro. Play was halted in the 20th minute as someone informed the officials that pre-match video had captured Christensen lifting the goalposts and pushing them together. The referee returned the posts to their original position and the match proceeded to a scoreless draw. In a post-match interview, Christensen admitted to moving the posts in several earlier matches.

Göteborg finished the 2009 season in second. Christensen remained with the club until June 2010, when he returned to Denmark with FC Copenhagen.

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