Wednesday, September 16, 2015

16 September 1937 - We're Pretty Sure Arsenal Won, Though

On 16 September 1937, the BBC broadcast its first live football match - a contest between Arsenal and Arsenal reserves. No record of the result survives.

The BBC had begun their television service only the previous year and chose the specially-arranged Arsenal exhibition to highlight their ability to show live sport. The broadcast lasted only 15 minutes and included an introduction of the team (show below) on addition to the exhibition.

It was the second time the Gunners had ushered in a new medium, as the first live football radio broadcast was their 1927 league match against Sheffield United. The honor proved auspicious, as Arsenal proceeded to win the league that season.

Since then, Arsenal have maintained their pioneering position, being featured in the first broadcast of Match of the Day in 1964 and, most recently, the first live broadcast of a sporting event in 3D (shown in January 2010 on BSkyB).

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