Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11 January 2009 - It Was A Mexican Standoff

On 11 January 2009, Guadalajara and Pachuca secured their spots in the Copa Libertadores after two own goals and a combined 36 penalty attempts in two shootouts.

They were two of the four semifinalists in Mexico's InterLiga competition, with Guadalajara matched up against Morelia and Pachuca paired with Atlas. The winners of the two matches then joined 2008 Apertura winners San Luis in the qualification stage of the Copa Libertadores.

Guadalajara fell behind to Morelia after conceding an own goal from striker Carlos Ochoa in the 57th minute, but midfielder Marco Fabián drew them level eight minutes later. Morelia then went down to 10 men after a second yellow for defender Fernando Salazar, but Guadalajara could not take advantage before time expired. They won the shootout 4-2, though, as Morelia's first attempt went wide and Guadalajara keeper Luis Ernesto Michel saved their last attempt.

In the day's other match, Pachuca raced to a 3-0 lead in the first half, but found themselves level after conceding three--including one own goal--in the second half. Atlas striker Jorge Achucarro scored the 88th-minute equalizer, but he did not fare as well in the ensuing shootout, as his first attempt was saved by Pachuca keeper Miguel Calero (pictured). With the shootout level at 7-7 after ten kicks each, the shooters started to cycle through again. And, again, Calero saved Achucarro's shot to win the match.

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