Saturday, August 13, 2011

13 August 2006 - Probably The Only Time I'll Call An 8-Goal Margin "Close"

On 13 August 2006, the longest football match in United States history ended after 100 hours of continuous play.

Hosted by MLS club Chivas USA in honor of the 100th anniversary of their parent club, CD Guadalajara, the match consisted of a Chivas side taking on a "Rest of the World" team. Played at the Bell Gardens Sports Center in California, it began on Wednesday, 9 August and continued for 6,000 straight minutes.

Over 2,000 players participated in the match, including former professionals, team officials, local politicians, and even members of the Chivas USA dance team, the ChivaGirls. The last hour saw appearances from Guadalajara president Jorge Vergara, Chivas USA president Antonio Cué, Guadalajara's all-time leading scorer Salvador Reyes, and actress Kate del Castillo.

The Chivas side won the match by the relatively close score of 437-429, with proceeds from the match going to Chivas USA's charitable foundation.

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